We’ll let you in on a little secret: Hosts can get away with a multitude of sins as long as the drinks they offer are awesome. Whether soft or hard, beverages are a must at every type of gathering, so arm yourself with some signature standbys and consider our tips for mixing things up.


Sandra Lee’s Coconut Margarita

Celebrate the summer waves with Sandra Lee’s coconut margarita.



Barbecue Bloody Mary

For a smoky-flavored twist on the traditional drink, try this barbecue bloody mary from Chris Lilly’s “Fire & Smoke.”



Sandra Lee’s Watermelon Margarita

Get the recipe for a sweet, refreshing cocktail that highlights summer’s most favorite melon.



Raspberry Cosmopolitan

This raspberry cosmopolitan recipe updates the cosmo with a new twist.



DIY Mimosa Bar

Try out this summer’s hot beverage bar trend with this DIY mimosa bar set.



Peach Bellinis

Add sparkle to your gathering with fresh peach bellinis.



Cucumber Mint Mojitos

Mix up a pitcher of cucumber mint mojitos for a refreshingly different drink.



Sandra Lee’s Passion Punch

This sipper from Sandra Lee features a fruity, tropical vibe.



Aladdin’s Ginger-Spice Latte

Spice up your morning coffee with this delicious alternative.



THE Must-Know Cocktails of All Time

Don’t host another party until you’ve mastered these must-know cocktail recipes.


Viewsoftdrinks-lemonade-2-660x460_Evite Gatherings

Homemade Lemonade

One taste of the real thing will have you swearing off the powdered-mix version forever.


Viewapple-cranberry smoothie

Aladdin’s Apple Cranberry Smoothie

Brighten your day with this apple cranberry smoothie that’s tart yet sweet.



SOBEWFF: The Top Food & Drink Party Trends of 2014

Evite uncovers 2014’s hottest food and drink trends at SOBEWFF.



Lemon Mint Spa Water

This refreshing recipe for lemon mint spa water elevates plain old H2O to party-worthy new heights.



Watermelon Keg

The watermelon keg gets a refreshing makeover along with a new recipe for a minted-melon cocktail.



Most-Fashionable Soft Drinks

These yummy concoctions aren’t your mama’s soft drinks.



Hard Iced Tea Bar: 3 Recipes for Summer Sipping

Recreate your own hard iced tea bar with these three simple recipes perfect for a summer soiree.



Cocktail Recipe: Minty Melon Breeze

A fruity, juicy watermelon cocktail with mint-infused ice cubes perfect for summer parties.



Summer Cocktail Recipe: Hard Lemonade Kiwi Coolers

Snap into summertime relaxation mode with this recipe for refreshing hard lemonade kiwi coolers.



Frozen Banana Daiquiris

This frozen taste of the tropics brings the island vacation to you.



No-Mixer Margarita on the Rocks

Easy to make in big batches, these from-scratch margaritas have a depth of flavor that mixes just can’t match.



Sandra Lee’s Blue Velvet Cocktail

Create a blended blue velvet cocktail that is sure to make a splash this summer.



Sandra Lee’s Santa Fe Coolers

Relax while beating the heat with this ginger-mint lemonade Santa Fe Coolers recipe.



Classic Bloody Mary

This savory drink is a brunch favorite, with or without vodka.


ViewRecipe courtesy of Louise Mellor

Sweet Peach & Nectarine Sangria

White wine, peaches and nectarines star in this summery twist on the Spanish classic.



Sweet Peach & Nectarine Splash

Guests will be keen on this refreshing peach and nectarine spritzer.



Cure for the Blues

A cure for the blues is just a gin and Curaçao cocktail away.