Bev Mo Champagne Guide

Nothing says celebrate like a glass of Champagne, especially for New Year's Eve, so we're sharing all the ins and outs of our favorite type of sparkle. For the record, only bubbly produced in the Champagne region of France can be properly labeled Champagne, but you can get Champagne-style sparkling wines made everywhere from California to Australia. No matter what the occasion is, we'll help you navigate your choices to find just the right tiny bubbles with our New Year's Eve Champagne Guide, sponsored by BevMo!.

Tips and Recipes


Selecting the Perfect Champagne

Prepare to raise a glass with our Champagne buying guide!
ViewLemon drop champagne punch_

Lemon Drop Champagne Cocktail

Vodka and lemons add a refreshing twist to a classic champagne cocktail.
ViewNew Year's Eve bubbly bar FEATURED

Awards Viewing Party Bubbly Bar

All that glitters is gold at this awards viewing party Champagne bar.
ViewChampagne full moon cocktail on Evite.com_

Full Moon Champagne Cocktail

Moonshine with a splash of champagne makes for a folksy cocktail with a touch of elegance.
ViewDIY Sparkly Bottles

New Year's Eve: DIY Sparkly Bottles

Make your New Year's Eve bottles as sparkling as the Champagne inside with this super easy DIY.
ViewChandon rum and honey_

Chandon Rum and Honey Champagne Cocktail

This soothing and sweet champagne cocktail goes rogue with the addition of racy absinthe.
ViewChambord sparkling cocktail on Evite.com_-2

Chambord Sparkling Champagne Cocktail

Gin, champagne, and Chamord? Indeed. This festive champagne cocktail will get your party started.
ViewNew Year's Eve Printables

New Year's Eve Printables

To make your New Year’s Eve party prep easy and affordable, we’ve put together a FREE printable drink menu, bar sign, … Read More
ViewBourbon Champagne Cocktail

Whiskey Champagne Cocktail

Our bourbon champagne cocktail kicks the traditional New Year's Eve cocktail up a few party notches.
ViewDIY Marble-Dipped Stemware

DIY Marble-Dipped Stemware

Dress up your New Year's Eve stemware with this quick DIY!