Evite & ConnecTV Big Game viewing party

Join America’s BIG Hollywood Party on Movies’ Biggest Night. Socially challenge the teams from Evite, FilmBreak, Ignited Spaces, and ConnecTV, to see who is throwing the best party. Enter to win cash prizes, party packs, and the Grand Prize — a trip to Hollywood!  Here’s how:

Evite ConnecTV invitationStep 1: Create Your Own BIG Party With EVITE:
Invite your friends to join you on Hollywood’s BIG Night using the invitation we’ve specially created just for this event.  We encourage you to put a link to this page in the “Message from Host” section so your guests can get in on the fun, too! Create your Evite invitation.

Evite and ConnecTV big game viewing party step 2
Step 2: Prepare for Your BIG Party at Home:
Download the Hollywood’s BIG Night Party Playbook and Voting Ballot and create your own BIG party for the Movies’ BIG night with tips from our party stylists.
Get started now.

Evite and ConnecTV big game viewing party step 3
Step 3: Watch LIVE & Play Along with CONNECTV:
Download ConnecTV for your iPhone from the iTunes Store to clip and share BIG moments LIVE from the Red Carpet and the Awards Show throughout the night!
Download the ConnecTV app HERE.
Win PrizesStep 4: Enter to Win Prizes, Including a Trip to Hollywood!
Play to win by clipping and sharing the best moments with the ConnecTV app, or post your pictures and videos using #AwardsParty2014. The best combination of pictures, videos, and clips will win the Grand Prize trip to Hollywood! Get the details.
Partners Step 5: Visit Our Partners
This BIG night wouldn’t be possible without help from our friends.  Please visit the websites of our parners and sponsors to learn more about them: FilmBreak, Ignited Spaces, and ConnecTV.