Cupcakes and Cocktails

Cupcakes are still all the rage, so I was glad to see this clever twist on the treat from The Insomniac Chef: mini cupcakes served with mini cocktails. They created a five-course cupcake tasting menu (note: insomniacs), but you can be far less ambitious and still throw a swanky party.

Just make or buy your favorite cupcakes, and choose a drink with complementary flavors, so these two great tastes taste great together. Some flavor basics to get you started: berries and sparkling wine are a classic combination; chocolate goes well with coffee-flavored liqueurs; and carrot cake just begs for bourbon. I even like to spike my carrot cake cream cheese frosting with bourbon to bring out the vanilla flavor.

Top each cupcake with a cocktail parasol. Fancy.

Try this menu for a bridal shower, cocktail party or a really good Tuesday. And be sure to invite me.