If you really want to be the ghostess with the mostest this Halloween, scare up a few of these ghastly illuminated ghosts and get your guests in the spooky spirit quicker than you can say “Boo!”

Stuff you’ll need:

  • A paring knife
  • An empty plastic milk jug, labels removed
  • A flashlight
  • A few feet of heavy fishing line
  • A white sheet
  • Safety pins
  • Black fabric scraps or felt
  • Double-sided tape

Read on for instructions on how to make these fantastic phantasms…

1. With
your knife, cut the spout off the jug, using the circle at its base as
a guide. Don’t go too wide or your hole will end up too big for your
flashlight. Set aside the spout; you’ll use it again later.



2. Cut
1/2″ slits along the seams of the plastic on either side of the hole,
then fit the end of the flashlight into it, lamp side first. If
necessary, make the slits just slightly bigger until it fits snugly.



3. Remove
the flashlight from the hole and turn the jug over. Make a slit in the
center of the bottom of the jug just big enough to push your fishing
line through.



4. Feed
the fishing line through the slit until it comes out the hole on the
other side of the jug. Tie the line around the spout you set aside,
being careful not to pull the loose end through the jug. Then hold the
jug upside down and tug on the line’s loose end to pull the spout into
the jug and anchor the line. Finally, fit the flashlight, lamp side up,
into what was the top (and is now the bottom) of the jug and turn it on.



5. Hold the line so it doesn’t fall into the jug, then tie it around a tree branch, a nail on your porch wherever the spirit moves you.



6. Fold your sheet in half lengthwise and drape it over the jug around the fishing line, securing it in back with safety pins.



7. Cut out eyes and a mouth from your fabric and stick them to the sheet with double-sided tape.



8. If
you want an eerie ghost-on-the-go effect, tack the ends of the sheet to
other tree branches,  your porch railing, etc. Now stand back and
admire your spectacular specter!



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