Guac Bowl is your density

A few years ago a friend started a guacamole competition he dubbed Guac Bowl, and my Super Bowl® Sundays have never been the same. In my (perhaps overstated) opinion, it is the perfect approach to a Bowl party for football watchers and non-watchers alike. Here’s how to throw one:

1. Start with an Evite invitation (naturally) to provide event details as well as the perfect forum for attendee smack-talk.

2. Explain categories in your invitation. The Guac Bowl I attend has four:

  • Best-tasting traditional guac (no funny ingredients).
  • Best-tasting alternative guac (funny ingredients encouraged!). I’ve seen guacs that include blood orange and fennel, chocolate, hummus, pomegranate, bacon (I did that one!) and countless other tasty or disgusting ingredients.
  • Best presentation (more to come on this).
  • The Icarus award — this acknowledges the guac that flew closest to the sun only to fall, such as the non-palate-pleasing Guacsicle popsicles and the Guac-king Stuffers featuring peppermint candy guacamole served in Christmas stockings. Tasty? No. Hilarious? Yes!

is that dry ice? dude!

3. Be clear about when the contest is judged. My Guac Bowl Organizer
Friend requires all votes to be in before halftime, when the winners
are announced.

4. Encourage puns! Named entries gives guac presentations focus.
I’ve seen pyramids of guac in Guac Like an Egyptian, a large-scale
diorama of Guactanamo Bay, a standing Guaczilla of guacamole
covered in avocado skins, the Guac Ness Monster featuring Nessie in a
loch of guac, and I once entered Tequila Guacingbird with
tequila-infused guac served in shot glasses.

5. Set up the guac entries in a different room from the TV; otherwise,
football fans will be annoyed by the chatty people more interested in
the guacamole.

6. Be sure to have enough tables for guac entries. Four long tables fit (though barely) 40 entries of guacamole last year.

7. Supply lots of tortilla chips. To keep people from completely
overdosing on guacamole (as much as possible, anyway), be sure to
serve vegetables and fruit as well.

8. Pray your friends aren’t allergic to avocados.

For more, visit the official

Guac Bowl website.

sweet guac hangover