foot, meet ball. mouth, meet drink.

In just over a week, it’ll be the New York Giants battling the New England Patriots in Arizona for Super Bowl® supremacy. At your home viewing party, though, the more pressing smackdown will be between the Big Blue Buzz and the Brady Punch.

Which adult beverage — color-coordinated to match your favorite team, of course — will come out on top? Or, more importantly, which batch of hooch will numb you enough to get you through Paula Abdul’s pre-game performance?

Read on for the drink recipes, and for some color-themed snack suggestions….

Note: I tried to overlap ingredients as much as possible to save time and money. Having both teams’ color schemes being a patriotic red, white and blue helped. Thanks, football gods!

Also, be a team player and whip up a nonalcoholic batch of these for anyone with a
little Bundchen in the oven, and for those much-needed designated
drivers too!

The Big Blue Buzz

  • Gatorade Fierce, wild berry flavor
  • Snapple Juice Drink, pomegranate raspberry flavor
  • Alizé Bleu
  • Sugar
  • Blue food coloring

A few days before the big party (er, game), make a few trays of
ice cubes using the Gatorade, which is an amazing, surreally electric blue.

On the day of the party, mix 7 ounces of the Gatorade with 2 ounces of the Snapple for each drink. Despite the Snapple’s deep red color, don’t worry: The finished product will still be true-blue. Add 4 ounces of Alizé, along with 5 drops of blue food coloring, and shake well. Hint: If you buy a large enough bottle of the Gatorade, it serves as a great shaker!

Fill a small bowl with sugar and another small bowl with plain water in order to create the most heavenly thing in the whole entire world. Say it with me: sugar rim. Dip the rim of each glass first into the water and then the sugar. Place upright on a paper towel to dry, so the watery sugar doesn’t drip down the glass.

Once the rims are dry, fill each glass with the blue Gatorade ice cubes and pour the drink over.

Enjoy, and scream your head off for Eli Manning. Warning: The slight tartness of the pomegranate curbs the sweetness of this drink a tad, but the Buzz still goes down quick. So drink with caution!

The Brady Punch

Good things come to those who wait. To make this visually
impressive and tasty tongue treat, you need a little prep time — and
freezer space. Before the party, estimate the number of guests who’ll want this
concoction and clear the appropriate space in your freezer.

  • Gatorade Fierce, wild berry flavor
  • Gatorade, fruit punch flavor
  • Bacardi Vaníla rum
  • Piña colada mix
  • Roland cherries, wildberry flavor

A few days before the party, fill each glass with 2-3 fingers’ worth of the Gatorade fruit punch (red) flavor. Allow to freeze solid. Then pour 2-3 fingers’ worth of the Gatorade wild berry (blue) flavor on top of the frozen fruit punch. Allow to freeze solid.

On the day of the party, prepare the piña colada as instructed on the bottle. (The brand I used called for a cup of ice to be blended with 4 ounces of the mix and 1 ounce of rum.) Using a vanilla rum added a nice flavor, I realized during my rigorous taste testing … and subsequent streaking through my apartment building lobby.

Pour the snow-white colada mix on top of the frozen red and blue liquids, garnish with a blue Roland cherry, and get ready to rumble with those rowdy folks first-downing the Big Blue Buzz.

Best part: After a refill or two of the rum-colada mix, the red and blue frozen liquid starts to melt, creating trippy, lava lamp-esque fun for all — just in time for Tom Petty’s halftime show and a quick streak around the block.

Now that you’ve gotten everyone comfortably numb and enjoying the game, you gotta think snacks.  Some color-coordinated suggestions:

• Red salsa, white sour cream and blue tortilla chips are a natural. Quick and simple. Why overlook the obvious?
• A drop or two of food coloring in a light-colored dip can turn French onion blue. Or red. You make the call.
• Got kids? Have them join in on the fun too. Use the food coloring to create red, white and blue vanilla milkshakes for youthful team-spirit drinks.
• Don’t let any ice cream go to waste. Everyone can enjoy vanilla ice cream with blueberries and fresh strawberries on top.
• A bowl of red and blue M&Ms makes for a great chocolatey party mix. Throw in some mini marshmallows for good measure and a pop of white.

Any other creative, color-themed food/snack suggestions for the big game? Let us have ’em!