Touchdown -- now dance!

Sports fan or not, everyone knows the best part of watching the Super Bowl® is the commercials. Score points even with those who can’t tell their tight end from a hole in the ground with this gridiron game anyone can play:

  1. Create ballots with the names of all the companies advertising on Super Bowl® Sunday and make enough copies for all your guests.
  1. Have participants write their names on their ballots, mark which company’s ad they predict will be the best of the Bowl, and write down how long they guess the game will last at the bottom of the page.
  1. Tell everyone to switch ballots with their neighbor.
  1. Instruct guests to rate every commercial from 1 to 10 (based on how much they like it) and write down their ratings on their neighbor’s ballot. Some companies will run more than one ad; just have people keep recording their ratings for each commercial next to the company’s name.
  1. At the end of the game, ask participants to average their ratings for any company with multiple commercials. Then collect the ballots and tally the scores for each advertiser to determine whose spot won the Super Bowl®.
  1. Offer a prize (for example, a Nerf® football or a six-pack of Bud Light®) for the viewer who predicted the victor. In case of a tie, see who came closest to guessing the length of the game without going over.