cupcake loves me, cupcake loves me not

Oh, Eviters, you amaze me. Today’s stroll through blogville turned up a dessert blog called Frosted Garden, where Steph shares her masterful baking and decorating skills. The gorgeous cupcakes above are reason enough to feature her blog here, but get THIS: She designed these cupcakes to match the Evite invitation for this party! (This is the invitation design.) How cool is that?

Head to Frosted Garden for more about these luscious red velvet and milk chocolate cupcakes (and the color-coordinated sugar cookies) as well as her other whimsical, spectacular creations.

My faves so far: The

Rubik’s Cube cake for an ’80s party! A

Wii cake and an edible Wii-Mote for her teen brother’s birthday! A pink treasure chest cake that would be the hit of a pirate party or any girlie event, and that I really, really want someone to make for me. And be sure not to miss the outrageous

turkey-shaped cake that would delight vegetarians (and turkeys) at Thanksgiving.

You rule, Steph! Can’t wait to see what you cook up next.