fabulicious (t-t-t-t-t-tasty, tasty)

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10-4, good buddies. We read you loud and clear. Many of you (42% so far in our

recent poll) are way excited to see the new Sex and the City movie. It opens May 30, as if I even have to remind you.

So you’re going, obvy, but how do you turn this movie outing into the cinematic event it deserves to be?

Invite your friends
over for a pre-party, and follow these quick tips for Sex-ing things up:

  • Cosmos are key, so shake up the cocktail by offering four variations, each named after our four heroines. Mix up the ingredients (vodka, Triple Sec, lime juice), but trade out the traditional cranberry for a different kind of juice, like mango, pomegranate, pear or passionfruit. Put out pitchers of each one and let guests pick their poison … and their alter ego for the evening. I’m thinking passionfruit would be the perfect bevvie for a Samantha-esque night, no?
  • For snacks, pay tribute to the show’s fifth lady, New York City, by serving upscale takes on NYC street food and other city favorites. Think hot pretzels with gourmet mustards to dip into and mini pizzas with decadent toppings. Craving an NYC hot dog? Try one of ourcreative takes on the classic pigs in a blanket.
  • Glam goodie bags for each guest add a splashy touch. Fill each bag with lip gloss, nail polish, mani/pedi tools and fashion mags. Any Mr. Big-esque guys in the group? Replace the girlie stuff with cigars and upscale men’s mags.
  • Add a heart of gold to your fashionista outfit by holding a clothing swap. Ask your friends to bring over clothes and accessories they’ve tired of to trade with other guests. Display items as you’d see them in an upscale boutique and your simple soiree becomes a free and fabulous shopping event. Donate all extra items to a charity and get extra karma points.