you're so square, baby, I don't care

Remember when we told you about the trend involving

unusually shaped desserts? Well, hold on to your rectangular pie and get a load of this

square muffin pan

from Kitchen Krafts.

Your cubist cupcakes will be the talk of the dessert table, and your edgy muffins will stand out at any brunch buffet. Plus, brownies? No cutting required.

Novelty not enough for you? Then consider all the other great uses for muffin tins when you’re cooking for a crowd, the way many of us will be on Thanksgiving.

I like making my cornbread in muffin pans because cut cornbread squares dry out too quickly. Coworker Rachel recommends using the pans to make individual portions of stuffing — so every serving has a nice, crispy top.

And if you have leftover red wine, use the cups to freeze the wine for future use in sauces and stews. Just pour ¼ cup of wine into each cup, freeze the pan, and then transfer the wine cubes (no licking!) to a large plastic bag. When a recipe calls for wine, just pop in a pre-measured cube instead of popping the cork on a new bottle.