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Everybody loves a Super Bowl party. When the game starts, people are pumped about the big game and even bigger commercials. Then something funny happens. Unless your guests are fans of one of the teams or real football aficionados, interest in the game tends to dwindle as time goes on.

We have a surefire way to keep people excited about the game well into the third quarter when all of the good commercials have passed: Super Bowl Squares. This game has it all — money, cheering for teams your really don't care about and no skill whatsoever. After the jump, we'll tell you how it's played.


  1. Draw a 10-by-10 grid. (Or take the easy way out and print a grid online like the one above.)
  2. You have 100 squares to sell to your guests. Choose a price and let people buy as many squares as they want, but you'll need to sell all 100 squares. A dollar a square is pretty standard, but you can up the ante if your friends are high rollers.
  3. Pass around the blank grid and let people put their initials in as many random squares as they've bought.
  4. Once all the squares are filled, pull numbers from zero to nine at random to designate the order of the numbers that go along the left and the top of the grid. You'll want to make sure this is done after the squares are filled and randomly to keep people from only picking the squares with 0's, 3's and 7's. (Seriously, no one will willingly buy 2's, 5's or 8's.)
  5. At the end of each quarter, the person whose initials are in the square that matches the last digit of the teams' scores wins. (For example, in the grid from last year's Super Bowl at the top of the post, Eva won the final quarter since her name was in the square that corresponded to Giants 7 and Patriots 4 because the final score was Giants 17, Patriots 14. Yay, Eva!)
  6. You may want to split the pot into percentages so that the final score winner gets more than the quarter winners. We give the winners of the first three quarters 20 percent of the pot, and the winner of the final score gets 40 percent of the pot.

Super Bowl Squares is instrumental in keeping guests into the game until the very end. Even the people who couldn't care less about football end up screaming at the TV, pleading for teams to score or cheering on the defense.

Send a Super Bowl Evite invitation to build even more anticipation for the festivities.

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