isn't she looooovely

Most brides will concur that finding the perfect dress is one of the most painstaking albeit rewarding parts of the whole wedding process. It involves going to umpteen bridal salons and abandoning all shame to get undressed in front of sales people who are complete strangers and a tad overzealous to profess how every dress she tries on is the dress. But for the bride, it's all worth it when she ends up with the most beautiful and special article of clothing she'll ever wear.

After all that time, effort and money, wouldn't it be nice to give her an extra-special keepsake to remember her beloved gown? We've decided that a one-of-a-kind illustration of her wedding dress just might be the most ingenious wedding, bridal shower or anniversary gift.

Send Dreamlines a photo of the bride on her wedding day, and the company will do a pencil illustration of the dress that looks like it could be straight from the hand of the designer. For a small fee, you can have them add an accessory like the bride's bouquet. If you want something even more personalized, Etsy artist Brooke Hagel includes the bride in her colorful illustrations.

So even though she'll only get to wear her dress for a few short hours, she'll have a truly unique portrait in which she can always behold it.