all we hear is radio gaga

Are you adding music playlists to your invitations? Here’s why we love them: It’s not just the host who gets to play DJ — guests can also add songs to create the perfect party soundtrack.

Setting it up is easy. When you’re entering your party details, open the invitation options and select “Add Music Playlist.” Follow the instructions to search our music database and add your songs.

Rock out while you check out the invitation’s guest list and leave your comment. And hosts, you can use these songs as requests to help you decide what to play at your event. Handy!

Wanna know what songs are on other people’s playlists? Here’s the current top 10.

10. Girls Just Want to Have Fun — Cyndi Lauper
9. Happy Birthday — Stevie Wonder
8. Just Dance — Lady Gaga
7. I Kissed a Girl — Katy Perry
6. Round Round — Flo Rida
5. If I Were a Boy — Beyonce
4. Celebration — Kool & the Gang
3. I’m Yours — Jason Mraz
2. Hot ‘N Cold — Katy Perry
1. Poker Face — Lady Gaga

Requests? Long-distance dedications? Let us know in the comments….