blink blink

I love ice cream novelties. By which I mean, I will happily accept any frozen treat served on a stick, squished between two cookies or served in a small tub with a flat, wooden, totally unhelpful spoon.

I’ve also just realized that I’m a fan of novelties in the field of ice cream too. Here are three cool ones:

  • Ice Cream Scoop & Stack — These cylinder-shaped scoops look extra fancy and make it far easier to stack on a cone. (Cuisipro)
  • Power Scoop & Well — We all have our tricks for cutting through ice-cold ice cream, but this combo takes it to another level. The microwavable bowl heats up water and keeps it hot (unlike the traditional cup of water method), and the scoop has a pointed tip to dig into the hardest ice cream. (Prepara)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Molds — Wouldn’t a good ice cream sandwich taste even better if it were shaped like a star or a heart? Sounds hard, but these molds seem to make it easy: First you use them to cut the cookie shapes, then you use the press to make the ice cream middle. (Tovolo)