If you’re currently planning – or have ever planned – a child’s birthday party, you know how hard it is to come up with fun games and activities to entertain the kiddies. Generations of parents have thrown up their hands and defaulted to the old standbys we all know and (sort of) love, but we think that we, and you, can do better. Check out our revised versions of some classic favorites complete with rainy-day back-up plans. Your kids and their guests will thank you.

The Classic Game:
Hot Potato

The Twist: Sweet Potatoes

Kids sit in a circle facing outwards instead of inwards, and the lone, disdained “potato” is replaced with multiple water balloons – one less balloon than the number of players. The person left without
a balloon when the music stops is out; anyone who breaks or drops a balloon at any time is also ousted. The player left holding the final balloon wins.
The Indoor Option: Use regular balloons that are overinflated (so they’ll pop more easily) instead of water balloons and play as above.

The Classic Game: Egg Toss

The Twist: Tossed Eggs

Players line up across from each other in pairs. A small pail full of candy-filled plastic eggs is placed at the foot of each child on one side of the line, an empty pail at the foot of each child on the opposite side. When the music starts, the kids with the eggs begin tossing them one at a time to
their partners, who store the successfully caught eggs in their empty pails – dropped eggs don’t count. When the music ends, the game is over, and the partners share the spoils of their “unbroken” eggs between them.
The Indoor Option: Swap out the eggs for soft bean bags, scoot the lines closer together, and dole out a pair of candies for each successfully caught bean-bag “egg” at the end of the game.


The Classic Game: Limbo

The Twist: Twinbo 

Players attempt to slink beneath the unforgiving limbo stick in pairs, either holding hands or linked together à la a three-legged race. The pace of the game slows and speeds according to the soundtrack of music the party host has mixed in advance. If one person touches the stick or loses his balance, both players are out. The last pair standing – literally – wins.
The Indoor Option:
  This game works well indoors or out as long as you have the room. If you’re tight on space, opt for the classic version so it feels less crowded.

Get guests ready for the games with an arcade-like Evite invitation like the one below.

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