Stumped on what to get your dad this Father’s Day? He probably has enough ties to dress an entire corporation, so why not get creative with his gift? These DIY handkerchiefs are the perfect way to help him stand out from the crowd. Not only will he look super stylish sporting a one-of-a-kind hanky, but he’ll love that it’s personalized (by you) with his favorite hobby. We chose a sailboat for the sailing enthusiast and a football helmet for the sports fan. Now he’ll finally have something to pair with all those ties!

Father's Day Gifts DIY Handkerchiefs by Evite


  • Solid color handkerchiefs
  • Fabric paint
  • Rubber stamps
  • Felt
  • Tray
  • Safe painting surface (we used a corkboard square)

Evite Father's Day DIY Handkerchiefs

Step 1: Place handkerchief on a safe painting surface and cut a piece of felt to fit your tray.

Evite Father's Day DIY Handkerchiefs

Step 2: Put a few dots of fabric paint on the tray, place felt over paint, and dab your stamp on top of the felt until the ink starts to bleed through.

Evite Father's Day DIY Handkerchiefs

Step 3: Stamp handkerchief as desired. Let ink dry for the amount of time your fabric paint recommends.

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