We all know that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so it’s practically a given that sweets will be involved when celebrating Father’s Day. Dad-themed cupcake designs abound this season, but we narrowed it down to our top 5 favorite flower-free themes. Check out our list of Father’s Day-cupcake favorites below, with examples courtesy of Loriann Serna of Ah, How Sweet!.

Evite Father's Day Cupcakes Since dad so often serves as the family handyman or amateur auto mechanic (whether it’s a good idea or not), tool-themed cupcakes seem wildly appropriate. Whether you chose a fondant saw or a wrench made of marzipan, a tool-themed cupcake topper is sure to hit home with pops.

Evite Father's Day Cupcakes
So many baller references, so little time! From team names and logos to mascots and athletic equipment, there are a plethora of decorating options for sports-themed cupcakes. We particularly love the idea of pairing tickets to a game or match that matches the cupcake design (in our case, baseball cupcakes with tix to a Dodgers game).


Evite Father's Day Cupcakes
Ties, shirts with ties, sports coats with shirts and ties — all are fair game for Father’s Day cupcakes, along with hats, shoes, and even socks composed of icing. This crisp, white button-down of fondant — complete with collar, pocket, and stripey tie — is about as “Dad” as you can get, but T-shirts, overalls, and bowling shirts are also awesome picks.

Evite Father's Day Cupcakes
No, your dad needn’t be sporting facial hair on Father’s Day to warrant a mustachioed cupcake — the ‘stache trend is still going strong all on its own. Whether piped on with decorators icing or designed from fondant or sugarpaste, a mustache on a cupcake communicates “man cake” immediately.

Evite Father's Day Cupcakes
Just because he’s a guy doesn’t mean your dad is opposed to a sweet heart or two. Sometimes it’s the simplest statements that are the strongest, and you can never go wrong with giving your pop a little love.


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