Zombies are all the rage this Halloween, and we’re here to help you get the look! We teamed up with makeup artist Ricky Webster to show you how to do your own killer zombie makeup.

Evite Halloween: DIY Zombie Makeup

Evite Halloween: DIY Zombie Makeup


  • Baseball cap or headband
  • Spirit gum
  • Tissues (such as Kleenex)
  • Liquid latex
  • Makeup sponges
  • Fair base foundation
  • Paintbrushes
  • Black eye shadow
  • Death wheel makeup
  • White highlighter
  • Sallow green cream base
  • Red cream base (for blood)
  • Setting powder
  • Theatrical blood (or corn syrup and red food coloring)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Tooth color


Step 1: Apply spirit gum (which acts like glue) around eyebrows and on cheekbones. Tip: Put on a baseball cap backward or a headband to keep hair out of your face while applying makeup.

Step 2: Stick ripped pieces of tissue to spirit gum areas to build them up.

Step 3: Apply liquid latex (the “skin”) over tissue. Allow latex to dry. To speed up the drying process, use a hairdryer on a cool setting.

Step 4: Once latex is dry, use a makeup sponge to apply base foundation to the entire face and neck. Don’t worry if the tissue tears a bit in the process — that’s actually a good thing.

Step 5: Use paintbrush to brush black eye shadow into any sunken areas, including around the eyes, around the cheeks, around the chin, and around the collarbone.

Step 6: Add highlights by applying various colors from the death wheel.

Step 7: Paint wounds into any ripped tissue areas with red cream base and burgundy color from the death wheel.

Step 8: Add more highlights with white highlighter to the more prominent areas of the face, including the eyebrows, cheekbones, and down the center of the nose.

Step 9: Blend and tone the areas where the light makeup meets the dark with a sallow green cream base applied with a makeup sponge. Dab on setting powder.

Step 10: Apply oozing blood with cotton swabs. You can use store-bought theatrical blood or make it at home by mixing corn syrup and red food coloring.

Step 11: Dry off teeth with tissue, apply tooth color, then dab tooth color with dry tissue to distress.

Lastly, Ricky suggests completing the look by adding makeup to your hair, costume (though keep in mind it may stain clothing), and hands. To remove makeup after Halloween festivities have ended, gently rub your face, neck, and hands with alcohol-free wipes (such as Huggies Gentle Care Sensitive Wipes). To get off any remaining traces of makeup, Ricky recommends makeup remover, baby oil, or petroleum jelly.

Throw a “Night of the Living Dead” Halloween party and send this zombies Evite invitation to your guests!

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