Evite Awards Show Party Countdown

Get set for a starry, starry night — ensure your awards show party is a winning one with our viewing party timeline.

2 weeks ahead:

  • Make a guest list. Since it’s a big night and your guests may be invited to multiple parties, invite 25 percent more people than you’d like to attend.
  • Send your invitation. Choose an awards night party Evite invitation that reflects the feel of the gathering you have in mind.
  • Shop for and make DIY decorations. For example, try these DIY sparkly Champagne bottles or marble-dipped stemware
  • Shop for additional party décor. Make your guests feel like stars by ordering awards night essentials, like a red carpet for your front walk or gold statuettes for the awards pool winners,
  • Plan the menu. If you plan to call in a caterer, put in your order now. Otherwise, decide what you want to make or buy and put together a shopping list.
  • Shop for tableware. If you’re using disposables (as we did with our awards viewing party coffee bar), get cups, plates, and cutlery now. If you’re planning a more formal event, make arrangements to rent extra stemware, dishes, and silverware as needed from an event rentals company.
  • Plan big serving items. Gather your ice bucket, serving trays, and wine openers (best to have more than one). Don’t have everything you need? Buy or borrow whatever you’re short on. You can let guests know what they can contribute using the What to Bring list on your Evite invitation.
  • Plan seating. Make sure you have enough seating for all your guests. You may be able to bring in couches and chairs from other rooms or borrow or rent folding chairs. You may also want to buy folding tray tables to minimize spills.
  • Plan activities and shop for supplies. Whether it’s an awards pool, awards bingo, or a photo booth with props, it’s always fun to have activities planned. Don’t forget prizes!

1 week ahead: 

  • Shop for food. If your strategy is to make your own spread, get ingredients now. Don’t forget additional store-bought items such as cheese, crackers, and/or classic movie candy.
  • Buy alcohol and nonalcoholic beverages. Purchase Champagne, wine, beer, and/or liquor and mixers for cocktails. While you’re at it, pick up juices, seltzer, soda, and/or other nonalcoholic beverages.

2 days ahead:

  • Clean. Thoroughly clean the house (or if you can, hire someone to do it for you).
  • Set up tableware. Set out serveware, wine openers, etc.
  • Set up decorations and party activities. Put up decorations and set up activities so everything’s ready to go.
  • Ask a close friend to pick up ice on party day. Since this is a last-minute task, and you’re likely to be busy with party prep, ask a friend you can count on to come 15 minutes early and make an ice run for you on their way to the party.

Day of:

  • Pick up or make food. Prep food or pick up any dishes you may have ordered ahead of time or will buy pre-made.
  • Put out food and drinks. Fill the ice bucket with ice and a Champagne bucket with Champagne, and set out hors d’oeuvres.
  • Set up seating. Move and/or set up any additional furniture.

Planning ahead means you can throw a stellar party and still sit back with the audience once the on-screen action begins. And the award for best party planner goes to… you!


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