Why just go out to an Irish bar on St. Patrick’s Day when you could host your very own St. Paddy’s pub crawl for your nearest and dearest? After all, when friends keep moving, the party keeps going. We’ve even created a St. Pat’s Day printable with customizable fields you can fill out to make it easy for crawlers to know where to go when, score the discount once they’re there, and still get home safely at the end of the night. 


Step 1: Choose several bars (Irish or otherwise) within walking distance of each other.

Step 2: Call the bars ahead of time to ask if they’ll give those on your crawl a discount. Many will extend happy hour prices, for example, to a big group.

Step 3: Type in the customizable text on our St. Patrick’s Day pub-crawl printable for four bars, for six bars, or for eight bars (for all-day crawls), depending on how many you plan to visit.

Step 4: Once you’ve typed in the relevant info for your crawl, print out as many copies of your printable as you need (keeping in mind that there are three cards per sheet).

Step 5: Buy lanyards that hold 4″x3″ cards at an office supply store such as Office Depot or Staples.

Step 6: At the beginning of the crawl, hand out the lanyards and the cards and have each person fill out the back of the card with their name and address (safety first, leprechauns). Between that and the handy taxi numbers, everyone should be able to find their back home, whether they can still crawl at that point or not. On that note: Have participants pick a crawl buddy so no one gets left behind. Arrange for bar eats to be provided at some locations. And encourage hydrating with water between drinks and stopping whenever you’ve had enough.

Invite pals on a pub crawl with one of our St. Patrick’s Day Evite invitations:

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