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Amy Croushorn is the party stylist and editor of Amy’s Party Ideas. A mother of a 10 year old, she is also a licensed interior designer with a passion for parties and a love for making memories that will last a lifetime. Her passion for parties began with her son’s 3rd birthday party, which turned into an all-out, swashbuckling gala complete with tattered sails for tablecloths, personalized handmade pirate tunics for each child, and a low country boil for 35 guests. That night as she watched the party videos, her little one looked up at her with his big brown eyes and said, “Mommy, can we do it again tomorrow?” She knew she was hooked forever. She created her blog to share ideas and inspire and empower everyone to create their own special memories for all of life’s celebrations -- in a way that will look professional and custom made. It’s easy to do, and she will show everyone how!

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