Guests can easily slip into superhero character with our festive DIY comic book party photo booth. Nowadays, you can’t go to a party without stumbling into a photo booth with friends. These makeshift photo op areas, typically created around a party’s theme, are a great way to keep guests entertained and capture the moment. With a little creativity and some superhero props, we created a photo booth perfect for our series of comic book party ideas. Here’s how to create your own: comic


  • Roll of black butcher paper
  • 3 white poster boards
  • 2 cardboard boxes
  • 2 cans matte gray spray paint
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape
  • Elmer’s Craft Bond Glue Spots
  • Yellow construction paper
  • Photo props

Step 1: Using painter’s tape, adhere black butcher paper to the wall. For an adult party, use two 36” sheets of paper. For a child’s party, one sheet should be sufficient.

Step 2: Cut cardboard boxes in half and spray paint one side of each gray. Let dry for at least 2 hours.

Step 3: Cut moon and clouds out of poster board and using painter’s tape, affix them to black paper backdrop.

Step 4: Cut building “windows” out of yellow construction paper and affix onto gray cardboard, once dry, using glue spots.

Step 5: Set up your cityscape and display superhero props for guests to grab and snap. comic props          Not everything needs to be DIY. We found our superhero props on Etsy and mixed them with “Happy Birthday” signs printed using this free comic book font. You can also scour thrift shops for superhero Halloween costumes and masks to use as props. comic

Remember to take lots of photos capturing guests getting into superhero character! And we recommend using Walgreens photo printing service, and including photos in your thank you notes!

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