When it comes to party snacks, presentation is everything. Showcase your food (and your craftiness) with an easy, cost-effective tiered cake stand that’s sure to make your treat table sparkle. Premium clear plastic dinnerware made to look like crystal (we used the Chinet® Cut Crystal® line) not only looks great on the table but is strong enough to be used as serveware, too. And since it’s disposable, cleanup is a cinch!

DIY Tiered Cake Stand Time: About 10 minutes, plus about an hour of drying time

Level of difficulty: Easy


  • 1 clear plastic 10-inch dinner plate
  • 1 clear plastic 7-inch dessert plate
  • 2 clear plastic 14-ounce cups
  • Pink spray paint
  • Latex gloves
  • Hot-glue gun

DIY Tiered Cake Stand Steps 1, 2, 3 Step 1: In a well-ventilated area, spray-paint your two cups and the back of your dinner and dessert plates. Let dry for at least an hour.

Tip: Only spray-paint the back sides of the plates. That way, you’ll keep the glossy finish on the front side, and the surface of your stand will be safe for food.

Step 2: Apply hot glue to the bottom of one cup.

Step 3: Stick the bottom of the cup to the back of your dinner plate.

Your first tier is complete! If you just want to showcase a small cake or other treats on your stand, you can stop here.

DIY Cake Stand with Mini-Cake

However, if you’d like to add a second tier, keep going:

Step 4: Apply hot glue to both the top and bottom of your second cup. Then stick the top of the cup to the top of the dinner plate. Stick your dessert plate on top for the top tier.

Finished DIY Tiered Cake Stand with Donuts and Diamonds

Your completed stand is a great serving dish for tea sandwiches, cupcakes, and other small snacks. For a perfect bridal shower treat, arrange our DIY Donut Diamond Rings atop your new stand. They’ll look so appealing that every guest is sure to say “Yes!”

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