Spcial halloween table decorations from Evite


Set up a festive, eye-popping party table for your Halloween get-together with the below 10 tips from Party Bluprints.

  1. Start with a bright base. Anchoring your refreshments table with a colorful base sets the tone for the decor. The sunkissed orange table cover available at the Evite party store is the perfect shade for Halloween.
  2. Create a backdrop for your table. A backdrop gives a cohesive look to the scene. Wrap black fabric around a large piece of heavy-duty cardboard, secure it with a staple gun, and place on the table propped 
against the wall.
  3. Add bright pops of color. Bright colors draw the eye and add depth. We love the Boo Crew Halloween monster fans with add-ons available at the Evite party store for adding color and fun.
  4. Use festive food to help decorate. Food items coordinated with your theme and color palette double as tabletop decor. Our theme: hairy (not scary) monstars. Our color palette: sunkissed orange, lime green, purple, and black.
  5. Create levels on the table. Use tiered trays or cake stands, or flip a pair of cylindrical vases like we did and top with a tray to add height — a great space-saving trick!
  6. Decorate cupcakes with toppers. You can buy or DIY depending on your time and budget. (See our DIY Monster Cupcake Topper instructions.)
  7. Pick smart menu items. Food for a buffet needs to taste great at room temperature — steer clear of items that need to be served hot or kept refrigerated.
  8. Serve food in individual portions. Grab-and-go options make it easy for little “monstars” to 
help themselves.
  9. Add playfulness to your tabletop. Buy assorted googly eyes to decorate clear plastic cups, vases, pumpkins, and other elements. They bring objects to life and add fun to the table. Check out the fun giant googly eyes we used to decorate our tall ceramic jars!
  10. Provide the essentials. Don’t forget to display utensils and napkins on the table so guests don’t need to go hunting for them!

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