This soccer ball-inspired treat composed of mini donuts and chocolate sandwich cookies is simple, decorative, and easy to rebuild as pieces get eaten — so easy, in fact, you can assign both the making and pattern rebuilding of this treat to the kids. Scan the easy how-tos below!


What You’ll Need

  • Cake plate
  • Green paper shreds
  • Mini powdered donuts
  • Chocolate sandwich cookies
  • Small, unused paint brush (optional)

Have kids sprinkle paper shreds over the cake plate to create a “field” at least two layers thick. Working from the inside out, place donuts in circular patterns on top of the shreds. Again starting from the inside, top the donuts with sandwich cookies at intervals to mimic the pattern of a soccer ball. For maximum effect, use a clean, unused paintbrush to dust any loose powdered sugar from the sandwich cookies and smooth over any rough, uncovered spots from the donuts. Display and have kids replenish the ingredients throughout the game to maintain the pattern (dusting optional).

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