Try these fancy Easter egg decorating techniques for a new twist on the same-old, same-old colored eggs. Here, we eggs-plain how to apply gold foil, glitter, chalk ink, tattoos and marbling for eggs that are nothing less than little works of art. Just keep in mind that it’s best to decorate blown-out eggs, papier-mâché eggs from a crafts store, or hard-boiled eggs that you don’t plan to eat, since eggshells are porous and these materials may not be safe to consume.

Evite Easter Egg Decorating for Adults Ideas

A selection of eggs decorated with these techniques makes an elegant Easter display.

Evite Easter Egg Decorating for Adults Chalk Paint

For an easy, no-mess decorating technique that allows for finely detailed designs, write messages or draw patterns or pictures on brown eggs with white Chalk Ink.

Evite Easter Egg Decorating for Adults Gold Foil

To affix gold foil onto an egg, paint the egg with liquid adhesive, then carefully place gold foil on it in your desired pattern. Once the egg has dried, you may want to paint a sealant over it to make it last longer.

Evite Easter Egg Decorating for Adults Nail Polish

For marble-dipped eggs, drip multiple drops of nail polish in a bowl of room-temperature water and dip your egg in. The color will stay on the surface of the water, so dunking will color half your egg. Let dry and repeat with the other side. Experiment with different effects using one color or many.

To decorate eggs with temporary tattoos, simply place the tattoo design facedown on the egg and hold a damp sponge over it for about a minute. Keep in mind that smaller tattoos work best, since larger designs can be difficult to apply to the curved surface of an egg.

Evite Easter Egg Decorating for Adults Glitter

For sparkly glitter eggs, brush liquid adhesive on an egg, then place it in a bowl of glitter and shake gently to cover the egg. For an iridescent effect, mix two colors of glitter in the bowl.

Evite Adult Easter Egg Decorating Friends Party

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Start inviting your adult friends over to decorate for Easter with this Premium Evite invitation below, or another design from our Easter invitation gallery.


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