Hosting a baby shower? Try this sweet and simple DIY diaper cake centerpiece for your next baby shower! Do double-duty with your diapers by creating beautiful and festive baby shower decorations that double as a gift for the mommy-to-be. We’re showing you three variations of decor for your centerpiece for a baby boy, baby girl, and gender neutral. They’re the smaller counterparts to the diaper cake, but instead of making one big cake, you can make multiple centerpieces. Place one in the center of each table if you have a large guest list and multiple tables in a big ballroom, or line a long table. Then, let the mom-to-be take the diapers home at the end of the event. Watch the video below to learn how to make your own. 



Step 1: Spray paint plastic animal toys and set aside to dry. Safety Warning: Please make sure to use spray paint in a well-ventilated area.

Step 2: Hot glue cardboard craft roll to center of cake circle. Safety Warning: Please use caution when handling a glue gun.”

Step 3: Roll individual diapers and secure with mini rubber bands.

Step 4: Place rolled diapers around craft roll and secure with extra large rubber band.

Step 5: Tie ribbon around the center of your cake, to cover the rubber bands.

Step 6: Place rest of desired decorations on cake.

Step 7: Try different decorations depending on the shower theme.


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