Create this fun and festive piece of party decor that also doubles as the perfect gift for the guest of honor. Did you know 90% of new moms wish they had registered for more diapers?! At the end of the event, the mom-to-be can take home the diapers so she’s plenty prepared for her new arrival. Decorate your diaper wreath with pink or blue ribbon to match the baby’s gender, or feature top trends, like dinosaurs, mermaids and llamas.


DIY Diaper Wreath | Evite


Step 1: Cut ribbon into 21 6″ pieces.

Step 2: Roll all 21 diapers (estimated amount based on the size of the wreath wire) and tie with ribbon. 

Step 3: Using ribbon, attach the diapers to the wreath wire.

Step 4: Make a circle pattern around the wreath wire until the wreath wire is completely filled.

Step 5: Decorate and hang with ribbon!

DIY Diaper Wreath | Evite

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