With a fresh baguette and a few simple materials, we created an uncomplicated yet polished place setting for our “The World Is Your Market”-themed graduation party. If this place card holder looks good enough to eat, that’s because it is!

Evite DIY Baguette Place Card Holders

What you’ll need: 

  • Kraft paper
  • Baguette (ours is from Panera Catering)
  • Knife
  • String or twine
  • Black card stock
  • Chalk Ink marker
  • Small hole punch

Evite DIY Baguette Place Card Holders

Step 1: Cut a 6″ piece of baguette on the diagonal.

Step 2: Cut a 4″ piece of kraft paper just wide enough to wrap around the baguette.

Step 3: Cut an 18″ piece of string. Wrap the kraft paper around the baguette, then secure by tying the string around it.

Step 4: Cut a 2.5″x3″ piece of black card stock. Using the Chalk Ink marker, write a guest’s name on it, then punch a small hole in the end.

Step 5: Thread the string through the card stock, then tie a bow. Place the baguette on a plate for a personalized (and edible!) place card. Repeat for each guest.


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