• 1 rectangular plastic tablecloth
  • Ball of yarn
  • Painter’s tape
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Balloons (we blew ours up with a balloon pump)
  • Confetti (optional)


Step 1: Cut your tablecloth in half, hole-punch along either side where you cut it, and weave the yarn between the holes to “sew” the tablecloth back together. Be sure to leave at least a yard of yarn on one side of the tablecloth so you can pull on it to release the balloons. (Think of it as a “zipper” to release the balloons.) Tape extra yarn to the ceiling with painters tape so no one accidentally pulls on it and makes the balloons drop early.

Step 2: Use painters tape to tape either side of your tablecloth to the ceiling. Leave some slack in the center of your tablecloth so it can hold a bunch of balloons.


Step 3: Blow up balloons (we used 70) and place them between the tablecloth and the ceiling. For added fun, throw some confetti up there with the balloons as well.

Step 4: When the time comes, pull the loose end of yarn along the seam of the tablecloth, and watch the balloons drop!