Hey there, bud. Show your loved one you care in a simple yet sweet way. Follow our directions for a quick-and-easy last-minute gift. Don’t forget the free printable tags!


Time: 30 minutes

Level of difficulty: Easy


  • Empty beer bottle
  • Dish soap
  • Latex house paint
  • Newspaper
  • Flower for vase
  • Twine or ribbon for free printable tag

Step 1: Remove the label from your bottle with hot water and dish soap.


Step 2: Dip your bottle into the can of paint. The further into the paint you dip, the thicker the stripe of color will be. (Tip: Dip over newspaper for easy cleanup.)


Step 3: Once your bottle is fully dry, print out one of our free printable tags and tie to the bottle with twine or ribbon. We made a few printable options depending on the lucky recipient.


Step 4: Select a flower bud, place in vase and present to your buddy!


For an extra special touch, send the free love note below or another like it from our #Love365 card gallery.

Rose Evite Card