Looking for an eye-popping centerpiece to make for your next party? This DIY donut wall is the latest trend in treats you need to try — and eat. The best part about it? It doubles as dessert and a piece of party decor. Whether you’re looking to class up a casual dinner party or bring your brunch game to the next level, guests won’t be able to take their eyes — or hands — off this sweet donut display. Watch the video below to get the how-to.


  • 3′ x 3′ pegboard (available at your local hardware store) Tip: Most hardware stores can cut it for you.
  • Non-toxic paint, zero VOC paint (optional)
  • Paint brush (optional)
  • (4) 48″ x 1/4″ wooden dowels cut into 4″ pieces
  • Saw
  • Sandpaper (100 grit)
  • 25 donuts


Step 1: Clean your pegboard with a non-toxic cleaner so the surface is food safe.Or if desired, paint pegboard and leave to dry overnight. Note: Be sure to use non-toxic paint so your DIY donut wall is food safe.

Step 2: Using a saw, carefully cut the wooden dowels into 4″ long pieces.

Step 3: Sand the edges of each dowel with sandpaper.

Step 4: Insert dowels into pegboard.

Step 5: Hang donuts and display.

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