For New Year’s Eve, try this fun and affordable DIY balloon countdown for kids. Ring in 2018 with this simple crafty that only takes minutes and ensures hours of fun before the ball drops. Watch the video below to learn how.


  • Confetti
  • 20″ Round Balloons
  • Number Stickers
  • Cards For Activities
  • Tail Options (Festooning, Confetti Garland, Paper Garland, Honeycomb)
  • Water Bottle


  1. Cut the top off of an empty water bottle.
  2. Wrap 20″ balloon over the top of the water bottle.
  3. Fill balloon with confetti using the top of the water bottle.
  4. Roll and insert printed activity.
  5. Blow up balloon.
  6. Tie decorative tail to balloons.
  7. Use stickers to number your balloons.
  8. Pop your balloons.

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