Our DIY kids’ Halloween centerpiece is both a trick and a treat! These friendly pumpkin monsters have a secret — their eyes are actually lollipops kids (and other party guests) can treat themselves to. Get all the how-tos below and be prepared for some extremely happy ghouls!

Evite DIY Kids Halloween Centerpiece


Evite DIY Kids Halloween Centerpiece

Step 1: Cut a turquoise circle from a piece of construction paper slightly smaller than the size of your lollipop.

Step 2: Use a black paint marker to draw an eye in the middle of the turquoise circle, then draw white accent dots on the outer rim of the circle. Tip: Allow the black “pupil” of your eye to dry for about three minutes before adding white dots.

Step 3: Affix an eye on each lollipop using glue spots.

Step 4: Drill holes on either side of the pumpkin, spray paint and allow to dry for at least an hour. Make a construction paper mouth and affix to pumpkin with glue spots.

Step 5: Stick a lollipop in each hole and you’re done!

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