Looking for unique holiday crafts this season? Then look no further! These 3 creative and surprisingly simple pinecone crafts make the perfect handmade gift and holiday decor. Try all 3! Watch our latest video to learn how.

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Materials & Directions:


Christmas Gnome –


1- pinecone
1- 8 x11 sheet of white felt
1- 8 x11 sheet of taupe felt
1- 12mm wood bead
1 bag of 0.75″ white pom poms
Glue gun

1. Take the white felt and wrap the felt around the upper 2/3rds portion of the pinecone. Mark the length with a pen.
2. From the center of the hat length, measure 5″ to and create a triangle, making dotted lines to show where to cut. Cut out triangle.
3. For the hat band, take the taupe colored felt and cut the same length as the hat, leaving a few centimeters extra length. The width should be roughly an inch in thickness.
4. Carefully glue the hat closed and add the band.
5. Glue a single pom pom to the tip of the hat.
6. Glue completed hat to the top of the pinecone making sure it covers the 2/3rds top portion of the pinecone.
7. Glue the 12mm wood bead just under the rim of the hat. This will be your gnomes nose.
8. Glue the remainder of the white pom poms to create your gnomes beard.

Christmas Tree 


1 – pinecone
1 – wine cork
1 – wood star cut out
White acrylic paint
Green acrylic paint
Yellow acrylic paint
Paint brush
Glue gun


1. Glue wine cork to base of pinecone.
2. Paint pinecone green. Let dry.
3. Paint star yellow. Let dry.
4. Once pinecone is dry, paint tips white to create a snow effect.
6. Once all elements are dry glue star to top of pinecone.


Hanukkah Star –


1 – pinecone
1 – Star of David ornament
Silver glitter
Blue acrylic paint
Paint brush
Glue gun


1. Paint pinecone blue.
2. While still wet apply glitter and let dry.
3. Remove hanging portion of Hanukkah ornament and glue to tip of pinecone.