To top off our Beer Bottle Tree made from Heineken bottles, we created this star marquee light. Learn how how to make one yourself, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Heineken.
DIY Star Marquee Light
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star marquee printable
Click to download, then print: Free star marquee light template
Step 1: Download and print star marquee template.


Step 2: Tape star template together, then cut out star.


Step 3: Trace star on foam board. Punch or draw holes where the lights should go through (they are the little circles on the printable star template).


Step 4: Use an X-ACTO knife to cut out foam board star.


Step 5: Cut strips of poster board 3 1/2″ wide and the length of each side of the star. Apply hot glue in a line down the center of one strip. Attach the strip at a right angle to the side edge (not the front edge) of one side of the star so the strip sticks out equally in the front and back, creating a 3-D effect. Continue with all five sides to make a marquee border around the perimeter of the entire star.


Step 6: Drill holes.


Step 7: Spray-paint star and let dry overnight.


Step 8: Place lights in holes. Apply hot glue to the left and right top edges of your beer tree to rest the star on top, then hold the star in place for a minute to set the glue. Note: You may also want to use wood screws to attach a small additional piece of 1″x2″ to the back of the tree top to give the star more support. Plug in the star and enjoy!
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