Give a classic diaper cake a modern makeover with this gender-neutral diaper cake decorated with succulents — a top trend among millennials. If you’re hosting a baby shower for a mom-to-be, a diaper cake is a great gift because it doubles as both decor and a present for the parents. The party experts at Evite will share step-by-step instructions for putting together and decorating your diaper cake so you can send the soon-to-be mom home with what she needs most – diapers! Watch the video below to learn how to make your own, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Pampers Swaddlers®


DIY Succulent Diaper Cake | Evite



10″ Round Succulent Diaper Cake

Step 1: Gather cake pans and springform pans in different sizes. We’re using a 10” springform pan.

Step 2: Using 4 diapers at a time, layer the diapers, sideways, around the inner edge of the springform pan. Overlap the diapers and begin to make a swirl in the pan.

Step 3: Once the outer layer is complete, create another layer using the same technique until you reach the center. 

Step 4: When you get to the center, roll one diaper and place it in the middle.

Step 5: Go back through and place any diapers in loose areas or areas with holes. We used 30 diapers for a 10” cake.

Step 6: Measure a piece of twine around the diapers and tie a double knot. Cut the remaining string. 

Step 7: Remove the diapers from the pan by lifting the springform pan over the top. 

Step 8: Tie another piece of twine around the diapers to keep them in place. 

Step 9: Measure burlap and ribbon around the diapers and cut to fit. 

Step 10: Use a glue dot to stick the ribbon together to decorate the cake.

Step 11: Decorate the top of the cake with a handful of brown crinkle paper pieces and felt or faux succulents. Attach using glue dots. 


DIY Succulent Diaper Cake | Evite


6” Round Succulent Diaper Cake 

Step 1: Using a 6” round cake pan or springform pan, place the diapers around the inner edge of the pan. Use two diapers at a time to feather them out sideways, overlapping them.

Step 2: Repeat until you reach the center. 

Step 3: Roll 1 diaper up and place it in the middle of the cake pan to cover that area.

Step 4: Go back through and add diapers to loose areas. We used twelve, size 1 Pampers® Swaddlers for this cake.

Step 5: Tie a piece of twine around the diaper cake.

Step 6: Remove the diaper cake from the pan. 

Step 7: Measure ribbon around the edge of the cake and cut. Use glue dots to attach.

Step 8: Add a handful of brown crinkle paper to the top and a few felt succulents. Attach with glue dots.


DIY Succulent Diaper Cake | Evite


Tiered Succulent Diaper Cake

Step 1: Make an undecorated 10” diaper cake and 6” diaper cake.

Step 2: Place a wooden dowel in the center of the 10” diaper cake.

Step 3: Place the 6” diaper cake over the wooden dowel, on top of the 10” cake. 

Step 4: Add a few glue dots on the bottom of the 6” cake to keep it in place if you need.

Step 5: Decorate the cake with felt succulents and brown crinkle paper. Use glue dots to attach. 


DIY Succulent Diaper Cake | Evite


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