Hit the craft store to tackle this fringe-friendly DIY sugar skull piñata — then line the kids up at a Halloween or Día de los Muertos party and start swinging!

DIY Sugar Skull Piñata by Evite

Time: 3 hours (plus 2 hours drying time)

Level of Difficulty: Expert


  • Cardboard box (36x20x15″) 
  • Box cutter
  • Masking tape
  • White spray paint
  • Drill
  • Scissors
  • Fringe scissors (available at craft stores)
  • 3 packages of white crepe paper streamers
  • Elmer’s glue
  • 24-gauge wire (available at craft and hardware stores)
  • Sugar skull piñata printables
  • Card stock
  • Candy
  • Artificial flowers


Step 1: Trace skull shape onto two pieces of cardboard (21×14) and cut out using a box cutter or scissors. Cut additional 4-inch wide strips of cardboard long enough to cover the perimeter of your design. These will make the sides of your piñata.

DIY Sugar Skull Pinata by Evite

Step 2: Prop strips of cardboard up vertically along the outer edges of one of your skull design cutouts and hold in place. Apply masking tape on both the inside and outside of the cardboard to secure. Use the box cutter to create a rectangular flap on the back of the other skull cutout. Secure the two cardboard cutouts together with masking tape, attaching the top cutout to the bottom. 

DIY Sugar Skull Piñata by Evite

Step 3: Spray-paint the entire piñata white. You may need to apply more than one coat. Tip: If you prefer a simpler piñata, forgo the fringe and leave it spray painted.

DIY Sugar Skull Piñata by Evite

Step 4: Drill two holes at the top of your piñata, about three inches apart.

DIY Sugar Skull Piñata by Evite

Step 5: Create fringe by cutting into one side of the streamer with fringe scissors, leaving about 1/2 an inch uncut at the top. Cut a piece of streamer to fit the length of the piñata, then apply a thin line of white liquid glue along the top of each piece and affix to the piñata until all sides are completely covered with fringe. Let dry for at least two hours.

DIY Sugar Skull Piñata by Evite

Step 6: Cut a 10-inch piece of wire and weave it through the two holes at the top of your piñata. Wrap the two ends of the wire together to form a loop and secure.

Step 7: Download our free printables on card stock, cut them out and apply them to your piñata with glue to create the skull’s face. Glue artificial flowers to the top for the finishing touch.

Step 8: Fill your piñata with candy and treats by inserting them through the cardboard flap, then hang your piñata from the wire loop.

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