We recently created this backdrop for a Valentine’s Day photo shoot, but it’s a simple, cost-effective decor element you can use for lots of parties. With easy tissue-paper flowers, tape, and scissors, you can transform any wall to create an entrance piece, a backdrop for a bar or dessert table, or even a photo backdrop! We love this DIY tissue flower backdrop for a “Love in Bloom” bridal shower, baby shower, garden party, little girl’s birthday, and more.

DIY Tissue Flower Backdrop

Time: 2-3 minutes for each flower; 30 seconds to attach each one to fabric, paper, or wall

Level of difficulty: Easy


  • Tissue paper in desired colors (one sheet makes two flowers; we used an ombre Radiant Orchid color palette)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Glue gun or painter’s tape
  • Fabric or butcher paper (optional)

DIY Tissue Flower Backdrop

Step 1: Fold one sheet of tissue paper it in half the long way.

Step 2: Accordion-fold your folded tissue paper.

Step 3: Cut the top of your accordion folded tissue into a half circle, creating a rounded edge.

Step 4: Trim about an inch from the bottom of your accordion-folded tissue.

DIY Tissue Flower Backdrop

Step 5: Unfold your tissue paper; you should have two separate pieces. Put one of the pieces aside. (One sheet of tissue paper will make two flowers.)

Step 6: Using one piece of tissue paper, start bunching the bottom of the paper together in a circular shape. Continue till the whole bottom is bunched together. Rotate your tissue paper around in your hands as you are bunching to create your flower.

Step 7: Secure the bunched end with tape.

Step 8: If you are creating your backdrop directly on the wall, we recommend using plain painter’s tape to attach your flowers to the wall. If you want to attach flowers to butcher paper or fabric, use a hot-glue gun.

Here’s how we used this backdrop for a Valentine’s Day dessert table:

DIY Tissue Flower Backdrop

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