Evite Party Ideas Paid PostDress up your table with DIY pressed-leaf plates for a fall get-together, Friendsgiving gathering or Thanksgiving feast. (Bonus: Since the plates are disposable, cleanup is a breeze.) Get the how-to below. Dinner Table Dress-Up: DIY Leaf-Pressed Plates

Time: About 2 minutes per plate + at least 1 hour drying time

Difficulty: Easy



Step 1: Gather fall leaves. To determine how many leaves you’ll need, decide whether you want 1 large leaf or an assortment of little leaves for each plate. You’ll need to use two plain plastic plates to make each DIY leaf-pressed plate.

 Dinner Table Dress-Up: DIY Leaf-Pressed Plates

Step 2: Spray adhesive on the top of one plate and arrange leaves (wear latex gloves to protect your hands). Then spray adhesive over the leaves, place the second plate on top and press down to secure plates together.

 Dinner Table Dress-Up: DIY Leaf-Pressed Plates

Step 3: Allow plates to dry for at least an hour. Then get ready for guests to fall in love with your decorative dishes.

 Dinner Table Dress-Up: DIY Leaf-Pressed Plates

Invite guests over for a fall feast featuring your leaf plates with this free Evite Invitation or another one from our Thanksgiving invitation gallery.

Evite Invitation


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