Get the golfer in your life the ultimate gift with this “Tee It Up!” Golf Gift Basket featuring an assortment of gifts golf fans are guaranteed to love. This gift basket includes everything your golf enthusiast friend or family member needs to improve their swing (and have fun doing it, too!) – golf balls, golf tees, golf gloves, and, to top it all off, a Topgolf® gift card to play and eat at one of Topgolf’s premier venues. Watch the video below to learn how to make your own, brought to you by Evite in partnership with Topgolf.



Step 1: Cut the astroturf into 4 equal strips.

Step 2: Weave the astroturf strips through the wire basket on all 4 sides.

Step 3: Outline the edge of the wire basket on the back of a piece of astroturf. Repeat 3 more times.

Step 4: Cut out each piece of astroturf.

Step 5: Hot glue each piece of astroturf along each section of the wire basket.

Step 6: Cut a piece of ribbon long enough to wrap around the basket.

Step 7: Hot glue the “Tee It Up!” printable in the center of the ribbon.

Step 8: Wrap the ribbon around the basket and hot glue the ends together, securing to the basket.

Step 9: Fill the basket with crinkle cut paper.

Step 10: Fill the basket with Topgolf gifts.

Step 11: Add Par-Tee printable flag for the finishing touch!


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