For those who are new to the Indian festival, Holi is the most colorful day on Earth. Imagine a pool party with paints and colored powders, only millions of people are playing across a nation simultaneously.

As a kid, I looked forward to Holi. It was the one day our parents turned surprisingly daring, forgiving and fun. Not only did they dress in beautiful whites, but they even looked forward to getting drenched.

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During Holi, most houses and streets replicated the colorful scenes from traditional Indian Madhubani paintings. Although Holi has a strong religious connotation, I personally feel we celebrate the blooming of the flowers — the red, white and yellow colors all around us. You can go fully natural by using colors made from rose, marigold, nasturtium flower petals instead of artificial colors.

Here is my guide to creating your own homemade dry or wet colors. You can use them as dry powder or mix them in water. Some of the following methods will even give your skin a healthy makeover! And most of these ingredients are easy to find in your kitchen or at ethnic food stores.

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Orange: Mix orange-colored sindoor (vermilion) with flour.

Green: Mix Henna powder with flour. Or, for a wet version, boil neem leaves in water and leave the mixture overnight to find a beautiful, deep green color in the morning. Plus, neem leaves are very beneficial for your skin!

Yellow: Imagine a color that will leave you glowing! Add Haldi (turmeric) to a pile of besan (gram flour) or plain flour.

Red and Pink: Add red-colored sindoor (vermilion) powder to flour and paint the town red. For a pretty pink color, use a little less of the red-colored sindoor.

Or, for a wet color, add 1 tablespoon of red sandalwood powder to a liter of water and boil, then dilute with more water if necessary. You can also boil pomegranate peels in water to get a deep red shade.

Magenta: Rejuvenate your skin while playing Holi with magenta powder made from beet root. Grate the skin of one beet root into 1 liter of room temperature water for a pretty magenta shade. Boil it if you want a deeper, darker shade.

Invite family and friends over to mix up homemade Holi colors for your own celebration using this free invitation, or browse our full invitation gallery for more designs.

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