Feel like you’re off to the races with these super simple, yet stylish DIY Kentucky Derby Ribbons. With just a few inexpensive materials, your next Derby soirée will be winning you the 1st prize party ribbon! Watch the video below to learn how to make your own. Need help bringing your party to life? Find party supplies organized by theme in our one-stop Amazon shop.






1. Cut 8″ wide strip of wrapping paper.
2. Fan fold the entire strip.
3. Tape center.
4. Fan out into a complete circle and tape.
5. Cut a square piece of construction paper and tape to the back of the ribbon base (you will tape the ribbon strips here).
6. Cut 2 (3″W x 14″L) ribbon tails from the wrapping paper.
7. With the construction paper cut a circle (about 5″ diameter)
8. With the same construction paper cut 2 more ribbon tails.
9. Flip ribbon base and tape ribbon tails.
10. Create 5-7 more, tape to your walls and voila! It’s like you are at the races!


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