Ready to get your Hanukkah craft on?! Grab your glue gun because we’ve got a cool DIY Menorah craft that you and your kids (no matter what age) will love to create together! So, get into the holiday spirit and light up your candles with the most creative Menorah in your neighborhood.

• 1 wood plaque/tray (about 18 inches)
• 1 (4-inch) wood block
8 (1 ½ inch) wood blocks
9 (½ inch) wood blocks
9 small glass bottles
• Recycled materials to fill the bottles
• 9 nuts
Glue Gun


Step 1: Paint and decorate your wooden plaque/tray and blocks. Let dry.

Step 2: Fill each of the small glass bottles with various craft material. Glue gun the corked top to each bottle.

Step 3: Use a glue gun to glue 8- ½ blocks to the top of 8- 1 ½ inch blocks. Glue your remaining ½ inch block to the top of the 4-inch block. Then glue gun the set of wooden blocks to your tray. Put four blocks on one side and four on the other with the center block being the tallest (using the 4 inch + ½ inch) to create the base of your menorah. Then glue the glass bottles on top of each wooden block. Then glue one nut to each cork top.

Step 4: Add the Hanukkah candles and light it up.

Step 5: Say the prayer and ask your parents for your Hanukkah gift!

Wishing you and your family a Happy Hanukkah from your friends at Evite.
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