We’ve been loving the marbled nail polish trend so much that we decided to try it out on our stemware! This marble-dipping technique is super quick and fun, and the spray paint won’t flake off (just remember to hand-wash these glasses once they’re dipped). Parties offer a time to celebrate and dress up, so why not dress up your bar as well with this New Year’s Eve DIY?

DIY Marble-Dipped Stemware by Evite


  • Champagne flutes (such as these from BevMo)
  • Large plastic bin
  • Water
  • Spray paint in black, white, and gold
  • Latex gloves
  • Wood skewer
  • Drop cloth

DIY Marble-Dipped Stemware by Evite

Step 1: Fill plastic bin with three to four inches of water, then start spraying the surface of the water with one of your paint colors.

Step 2: Spray circles in the center of each layer of paint, rotating colors.

Step 3: Use a wood skewer to swirl the paint and create your desired marbled design.

DIY Marble-Dipped Stemware by Evite

Step 4: Holding the top of a clean, dry champagne flute, dip the stem into your bin.

Step 5: Submerge the bottom of the glass (making sure not to hit the bottom of the bin), then pull it out quickly. Hold the glass over the bin for a minute to let any excess water drip off.

Step 6: Let stemware dry upside down overnight.

DIY Marble-Dipped Stemware by Evite

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