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1. Chose 2 colors of tissue paper. Take 3 sheets of each.
2. Layer those 6 sheets alternating both colors.
3. Fold layered sheets in half horizontally, then fold once more vertically.
4. On the top non-folded edge cut and round both sides with scissors.
6. Unfold and lay flat. Fan each layer until you have a complete circle.
7. To create the pistil of the tissue flower take a single piece of tissue, fold horizontally, then vertically then horizontally again into a rectangle.
8.  Take the non folded end of the shorter side of the rectangle and cut 6-7 fringe like piece about two-thirds the way down.
9. Roll long ways and place in center of fanned out tissue paper.
10. Gather from the bottom to create the flower shape with pistil tissue in center.
11. Tape around gathered bottom and tape to wall.
12. Add Myrtle branches around tissues florals as you desire. 3 branches to each flower is preferable.
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