Never forget, your front door makes the first impression. Celebrate the start of warmer weather with these trendy, spring-friendly wreaths. Made with materials you can find at your local craft store, these affordable DIYs are the perfect way to kick off your spring refresh! Watch the video below to learn how to make your own. Need help bringing your party to life? Find party supplies organized by theme in our one-stop Amazon shop.


Wreath #1:

Wreath #2:



1. Mix-and-match your flowers together based on aesthetic.
2. Using garden wire, bundle your flowers together.
3. Attach your bundled flowers to the embroidery hoop or wheel using additional garden wire.
4. Use garden tape to cover your garden wire.
5. For additional flowers, use hot glue gun. (Please practice safety when using a hot glue gun)
6. For Wreath #1 – Use string to attach embroidery to hoop.
7. For Wreath #2 – Spray paint gold the used bicycle wheel. (Use spray-paint in a well-ventilated area)
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