We’ll let you in on a little secret: Hosts can get away with a multitude of sins as long as the drinks they offer are awesome. Whether soft or hard, beverages are a must at every type of gathering, so arm yourself with some signature standbys and consider our tips for mixing things up.


Toast Your Team with These World Cup Cocktails

Show your team spirit with World Cup cocktails in your team's colors, courtesy of Sandra Lee.


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THE Must-Know Cocktails of All Time

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Watermelon Keg

The watermelon keg gets a refreshing makeover along with a new recipe for a minted-melon cocktail.


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Most-Fashionable Soft Drinks

These yummy concoctions aren’t your mama’s soft drinks.


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Hard Iced Tea Bar: 3 Recipes for Summer Sipping

Recreate your own hard iced tea bar with these three simple recipes perfect for a summer soiree.


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Minty Melon Breeze

Take a sip of this fruity, juicy watermelon cocktail with mint-infused ice cubes — perfect for summer parties.


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Hard Lemonade Kiwi Coolers

Snap into summertime relaxation mode with this recipe for refreshing hard lemonade kiwi coolers.