These DIY Easter eggs are perfect for surprising children Easter morning. Kids will be delighted when they add water to their egg, crack it open, and see an animal pop out!

Evite Easter Egg Animal Parade


  • Bowl
  • 1 dozen eggs
  • Food coloring
  • Cups
  • Water
  • Safety pin
  • White crayon
  • Magic Grow Safari Animal capsules

Evite Easter Egg Animal Parade

Step 1: Using a safety pin, poke two holes in each egg: one the width of an animal capsule, and another the width of the safety pin.

Step 2: Blow out the egg yolk into a bowl.

Step 3: Using a white crayon, write or draw anything you like on the eggs. (We wrote the names of the animals)

Step 4: Soak each egg in a glass of water with food coloring until egg reaches the desired shade.

Step 5: Let eggs dry for approximately 20 mins.

Step 6: Stuff egg with animal capsule.

Evite Easter Egg Animal Parade

To make the animal-parade gift case, cut an egg carton in half and spray paint it using vibrant spring colors. Don’t forget to tell kids to soak eggs in water before cracking open in order to see the animals!


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